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finally draw a curve

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por jlsalh21
just gather together these Sis ascend, two wartime England depends small factory several for a year 100,000, Dalian of the margin he is a bit with flagging interest.O.K. have the technique concept the advantage, David Pastrnak Authentic Jersey the industrial ability is more the function of perfect data machine also more big, for example can make a Si with simple structure to ascend in advance now, can rob trench mortar, M2 HB heavy machine gun, toss to play the tube etc. patent right, wait until an English method to sink into these patents will develop biggest a function after the mire pond.
If called, after without a break rigorous test of a year, 250 horsepowers of depend on the promise of Si Pa-western firm V type the motor get stripe a version finally completion, depending on Zdeno Chara Authentic Jersey data machine not only abruptly makes a local motor technique to pull out Gao Yi Jie, but also toughens one is several ten professional talented persons, since this month Chongqing and man the sun will cooperate is produced with the speed batch quantity of every month 30 sets, plus 75 horsepower vehicle-use motor, two motor factories of groups can make monthly 120 the sets are each kind of gasoline machine, although can not compare with Europe and America in January several scales of thousand sets, radicate on the whole.
The V type technique has to immediately send the person registers patent, this is the huge money tree, star type motor and larger horsepower water the cold motor also want to develop in advance, the Bobby Orr Authentic Jersey Du pulls although the aluminum proceeds from anticipating to appear in advance,the super hard aluminum also needs to be developed right away, although the internal combustion engine broke,small pipe line boiler and steam round machine have to also strengthen, this is the only power choice of the coming several decade large warship ship.
Yang Qiu thinks Be getting iner mental concentration, have never noticed Cai E some knit the brows, although earninged fully 500% profitses, only revenue from tax nation can get hold of 1,000,000, these guns sell to German empress will the future can't flow into to turn over to threaten oneself in the Three Kingdoms hand?And if can set the trip that start to set up two whole tommy gunses, Tuukka Rask Authentic Jersey even if Japan to beat to win a rate also ability a lot of high?
He these words let Yang Qiu's walking gait, the facial expression is suddenly a bit not good, pour not because selling the tommy gun wills cause to will spread to threaten oneself in the future and has plenty of a stronger MP40, Suo rice and wave wave sand in data machine, not simply MP5 all right, it is 30,000 to all seem for Germany to make him worried too strong!The Lu that remembers one war's last moment ascends the German Army in a man offensive with lend 3,000 MP18s to almost kill into Paris, oneself gives a while now 30,000!Don't eliminate half year by the industrial level of Germany and then can increase 100% several ten thousand tommy guns!The MG 8/15 added trench mortar again, tossed to play a tube and appeared three years in advance weighs a machine gun.
France can block live?!
Want Europes more and bleed right, if be like two war so and early and early Paris have no, can really cry all have no the place cry.
Just at stunned in case of thermodynamic power too fierce cause Paris fall France to surrender how to do, Cai Gong suddenly walked to come over:"Deputy president, five Foreign ministers and American commercial attache man space Mr. Er came."